• mud brick

• australian hardwoods

• watertanks for stand alone water supply

• low EMR

• low toxicity finishes and materials

• double glazed windows and acoustic walls



• The Owner Builder Magazine

In My Way - Garry S
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Garry was after a music studio in is backyard. With neighbours close by it was important that he could crank the amp to 11 without the tunes keeping anyone awake. He was also keen to use natural and found materials whereever possible. Windows and timbers were sourced from kerbside clean ups and mud bricks were made on his brothers farm.


The mud brick wall provides a suitable density to achieve the acoustic requirements, and also provides a beautiful and interesting facade to look at from the family home. Two layers of plywood with an acoustic fabric between provide the necessary sound attenuation for the other walls.


The project has been a great success- when the ear-bleeding music is kicking inside it sounds like a transistor radio outside!


Bio paints and oils have been used internally and externally, sourced from the good folk at Eco At Home [visit].

Project team: Garry Sercombe- Design + Construction, Ian Sercombe- Design consultancy