Residential Architecture - Alterations and Additions

HousingAustralian Institute of Architects

NSW Country Division Architecture Awards 2016


Peoples Choice Award

Australian Institute of Architects

NSW Country Division Architecture Awards 2016

• passive solar design

• australian hardwoods

• solar hotwater

• low toxicity finishes and materials


This project is a makeover of an old concrete block house that was freezing in the winter and a heat box in the summer. The brief was to give the house a unique character and get it perfroming thermally.


The aethetic was dirven by a mix of timbers from the local Midnorth Coast area, corrugated steel sheets, reminiscent of the old sheds and fishing shacks of the coast, and the ocean. 


Thermal efficiency has been achieved through insulating the walls, creating a reverse veneer, insulating the ceilings, adding strategic skylights and protecting the existing west facing windows from the summer sun. 

Photography: Claudia Gabriel-Lim / Ian Sercombe