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Our practice specialises in energy-efficient architectural solutions for residential and small commercial projects. We understand that a building affects the quality of life of its users on conscious and subconscious levels, contributing to the health, creativity and well-being of the occupants.


A healthy, responsive building is achieved through sound planning, maximising solar gain, natural light, natural ventilation, colour and form as well as the choice of materials it’s finished with. We examine water and energy management solutions, healthy building materials and planning of the electrical layout, all contributing to minimising impact to the natural environment as well as providing cost savings and health benefits. Solutions for photovoltaic arrays, solar hot water, storm water reuse and grey water recycling are other elements we explore in the scope of a project.


In addition to energy and health aspects of each project, we’re interested in creating a place with character and introducing unique elements that create a point of difference. 


Our team is comprised of Ian Sercombe, Kate McLean, Simon Hayward and Brook Beaver.

architect specialising in energy efficient design, rammed earth and low toxicity materials