• passive solar design

• rammed earth

• mud brick

• australian hardwoods

• watertanks for stand alone water supply

• solar hotwater

• low toxicity finishes and materials

• grid interactive solar power

• composting toilet


photos: claudia gabriel-lim

Owner and builder, Gavin Scott of Earthbound Design and Construct, conceived the basic form of the house to echo the forms of waves and the movement of fish, as seen in the twist of the roof and curves of the wall. The role of ISA was, in collaboration with Gavin, to take his original plan and adapt it to fit in more rooms, improve the circulation flow and to assist in resolving the overall form of the home.


The combination of an exquisite use of australian hardwoods, rammed earth and mud brick contribute to creating a serene, tactile and inspiring feel both inside and outside the home. Gavin's master carpetnry skills can be seen in the way posts join beams and with all the detail through the house. Gavin also designed and built the joinery items in the home.


The rammed earth and mud brick add valuable thermal mass on a steep site where concrete floors would have been difficult.