Winner: 2019 National Innovation in Waste Transfer Stations Award

Winner: 2018 NSW IPWEA Engineering Excellence Award covering the Environment and Sustainability

• passive solar design

• re-claimed materials

• australian hardwoods

• watertanks for stand alone water supply

• organic garden

• low toxicity finishes and materials

• mud pizza oven

This project is about encouraging everyone to think differently about their waste and to understand recycling and up-cycling. The project is also to inspire other councils to take a similar lead in resource recovery. We have achieved this through master planning a resource recovery centre that is user friendly for the general public and waste management companies and creating iconic elements from up-cycled materials to generate conversation and interest in the facility.


The project is additionally a community hub, with the local men’s shed, Green Bikes, the Green Shop and The Green, all offering community programs for disadvantaged groups and the broader community.